Parsing large mysql dumps

Recently I faced a problem – I had large mysql dump on remote machine and I needed just some tables from it. Dump file was about 900 Mb, bzip’ed – around 60 Mb. I didn’t want to download it just for about 1 Mb of required data. First idea that came into my head – load this dump to the database on remote machine and then dump again only required tables. The problem that I had no possibility to do that – I had just ftp/ssh access. So, I opened this ~1Gb sql file with vi. It opened it even with syntax highlighting! But when I tried to remove 2 millions of unnecessary lines it hanged forever… Emacs wasn’t better.

I had no wish to learn something like sed, so I wrote small perl script for this task. Usage is simple:

perl your-dump-file.sql table1 table2 table3

Script source:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
#Get only required tables from the whole dump
use strict;
my $dump_file = shift @ARGV;
my $out_dump_file = 'stripped_dump.sql';
open DUMP, "<$dump_file" or die $!;
open OUT, ">$out_dump_file" or die $!;
my @required_tables = @ARGV;
my $table_dump_started = 0;
while (<DUMP>)
	if (index($_, 'CREATE TABLE') >= 0)
		$table_dump_started = 0;
		foreach my $table (@required_tables)
			if (index($_, "`$table`") >= 0)
				$table_dump_started = 1;
	print OUT
		if $table_dump_started;
close OUT;
close DUMP;

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