Shared hosting and SSH

I was surprised. I get used to the fact that most hosting providers has SSH off by default for their customers. I think it’s normal. It’s ok when you have to write them email/post a ticket/whatever. You have to explain why do you need ssh access, you have to prove them that you aren’t criminal, you aren’t going to spam/hack/whatever. And finally you’ll get an access. It’s ok, I can wait three days untill I receive ssh so I can work comfortable.

But this time I was asked for scan of photo ID. Not even asked, the upload form was built into cPanel. I think it’s kind of idiotism. I’m not going to send over all internet my ID just to have possibility to extract archives or quickly edit files right on server. And nobody will protect such hosters from somebody who’ll write small or shell.php, which will just exec() what it receives from request. Isn’t it easier to setup proper chroot?

Friday, February 15th, 2008