Form-building components for Joomla

Recently I was creating contact form for one Joomla-based site. It was a standard contact form, everybody did similar hundred of times. But this time I decided to use one of existing components for building forms. There was one commercial, but it wasn’t the case, I didn’t even give it a try.

First one I tried was FacileForms. I just picked up the first one in rating. Well, my first impression was positive. There was everything I needed. Component has a lot of examples and Javascript library. I spent about an hour building my form (there was quite a lot of fields). Finally it was done, I opened frontend for last time.. Fuck. All form elements were absolutely positioned with coordinates I gave through admin. Did you ever heard about absolutely positioned form? I don’t. I decided that it was my mistake or lack of documentation, so I dived into sources. Fuck.
$attribs = 'position:absolute;';. I throw it away. You can do the same or make a code contribution. I didn’t have a time.

Second component was ArtForms. It was much better for my needs, it has customizable template for each form element. And it has nice ajax-based admin, which is much more convenient for editing. But it has disadvantages too. When you create input elements you cannot assing “name” property to them. I could live with it so I stopped my searches.

Friday, February 15th, 2008